Java interview questions for freshers

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java interview questions for freshers

1. What is java Language and which version you have used? Answer?

2. What are the features of Java? How it is different from other languages? Answer?

3. What are the steps to run a java program? Answer?

4. What is JDK, JRE, and JVM. What is the Difference between JRE, JDK and JVM? Answer?

5.  Why Java is platform independent? Answer?

6. What is local variable, instance variable and static variable/ class variables? Answer?

7. What is the mean of primitive data type and non-primitive data types? Answer?

8. Difference between & and && operator? Answer?

9. What is difference between pre increment and post increment? Answer?

10. Why we use switch statement in java? Answer?

11. What is if else ladder? Answer?

12. What if we don’t use break statement in switch ? Answer?

13. What is Arrays in java? Answer?

14. What are four major pillars of java? Answer?

15. What is class in java? Answer?

16. What is object in java? Answer?

17. What is Constructor in java and why we use it? Answer?

18. What is inheritance in java? Answer?

19. Why java doesn’t support multiple inheritance? Answer?

20. What is polymorphism? What is static binding and dynamic binding? Answer?

21. What is method overloading and method overriding? Answer?

22. What is Abstraction in java? How many ways to achieve abstraction in java? Answer?

23. What is encapsulation in java? Answer?

24. What is abstract class in java? Answer?

25. What is interface in java? Answer?

26. What are the differences between abstract class and interface? Answer?

27. Can we access the default modifier outside the package? Answer?

28. Can we create a class with private access modifier? Answer?

29. What is package in java? Answer?

30. What is import statement in java? Answer?

31. What is static import statement in java? Answer?

32. What is wrapper class in java? Answer?

33. Explain about final keyword? Answer?

34. Why we use final variable in java? Answer?

35. Can we override final method in java? Answer?

36. When we should use final class? Answer?

37. What is final, finally and finalize in java? Answer?

38.  What is the use of static keyword in java? Answer?

39. Can we define a class inside another class? Answer?

40.  What is multithreading in java? Answer?

41. How to create a string? Answer?

42. What is exception handling in java? Answer?

43. What is try block in java? Answer?

44. Explain about the ArrayList ? Answer?

45. Difference between Array and ArrayList? Answer?

46. What is HashSet? Answer?

47. What is HashMap in java? Answer?

48. Difference between HashSet and TreeSet? Answer?

49. Explain about TreeSet? Answer?

50. What is Comparable and Comparator in java? Answer?





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