New Features in Java 12

On March 19, 2019, Java 12 was released as part of the six-month release cycle. It was the new version of Java after the last LTS (Java 11). Java 12 introduced some new features and improvements for developers. We will discuss all the new features in Java 12. 1. New String methods in Java 122. … Read more

Java Programs for Practice: Know the Simple Java Programs for Beginners

Java is a widely-used programming language in the IT industry due to its simplicity, robustness, and code reusability. In this article, we’ll explore several important programs that can help us better understand the fundamentals of Java. You can read java basic first. Here we will see Java Programs for Practice: Know the Simple Java Programs … Read more

switch statement programs for practices

Here we will discuss the different types of switch statement programs for practices. You can simply try these programs on your end also. switch statement programs for practices: switch statement programs for practices 1. Write a Java program that takes input from the user and uses a switch statement to perform different actions based on … Read more

Java 10 Features

Java 10 was released on March 20, 2018, The JDK 10 is an implementation of JAVA SE 10. As we know, Java is slow in growth and evolution as compared to other languages.  But Java 10 was quick to release after Java 9. With this release, the six-month release cycle has begun. You must think … Read more

Immutable collection in java

Immutable collection in java is the most important topic and it is often asked in interview questions. In this post, we will discuss immutable classes, immutable collections and how many ways to create an immutable collection. An object is considered immutable if its state can’t change after it is constructed. Before moving further, we should know the … Read more

Local Variable Type Inference (Java var)

Java 10 introduced a new feature called local variable type inference. In this post, we will discuss the Local variable type inference.  This feature allows defining a variable using var and without specifying its type of it. A local variable can define by the use of the var keyword in java. In Java var is … Read more

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