Code bloater refers to code that is unnecessarily large and hard to work with. Bloaters can be blocks of code, methods, and classes that have increased to such large and complex proportions. Code bloaters occur due to different reasons that will be part of this discussion. If we don’t resolve or eliminate the code bloaters, … Read more

Refactoring Techniques

Before moving to the code refactoring techniques, I would suggest you read a few articles like What is refactoring? What are the code smells? What are the technical debts? If you have read them then you can start reading. In software development, there are many refactoring techniques to achieve the refactoring of any project. These … Read more

Code Smell

If you are on this post, seems like you are interested in code smells and their importance in software development. To achieve code refactoring of any project it’s mandatory to understand code smell meaning. I will share all the details with a code smell examples. Code Smells The code smells are indicators in code that … Read more

Composing method

What is the meaning of the Composing method? The “Composing method” is part of refactoring techniques and much of refactoring is devoted to the “Composing method”. In most cases the long method is the root cause of all evil, so the “Composing method” aims to break down into small and more focused methods. It removes … Read more

Refactoring in software engineering

Hi coders, Welcome to our easy-to-follow code Refactoring course, Where i will teach you refactoring in software engineering In this course, I will show you the difference between messy code and clean code. That will help you learn how to do code refactoring improving the design of existing code. We will discuss the different types … Read more


Tools play an indispensable role in ensuring efficient development, robust monitoring, and seamless deployment. These tools can be broadly categorized into three types: development tools, monitoring tools, and others that offer auxiliary support. Top 5 Intellij idea shortcuts IntelliJ IDEA, developed by JetBrains, is one of the most popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for software … Read more

How should we create an immutable collection in Java?

Immutable collections are famous due to several advantages like thread safety, functional programming, cacheable and more. If you are not familiar with Immutable collections, you can read the Immutable collections in Java from here. But How should we create an immutable collection in Java? Which is the best way to create an immutable collection in … Read more