Best books to learn java

Hi everyone, Here I will tell you the java best book. If you want to learn java online, then you should prefer But if you want to learn offline then we will suggest java best books for beginners. Everyone wants to know the best books to learn java, because they don’t want to waste … Read more

What is method in java

A method is a block of code that can perform certain actions as per requirement. In java, almost all operations are performed within a method. In this post, we will learn What is method in java, types of method, define method in java, how to create method in java and Calling methods in java. Here … Read more

Concurrentmodificationexception in java

In Java, concurrentmodificationexception is one of the common problems that programmer faces while programmer works on Collections in java. In this post, we will see why we encountered this exception and how to resolve concurrent modification exception in java. Here is the table content of the article we will cover these topics. What is concurrentmodificationexception … Read more

Java interview questions for freshers

In this post, we will discuss the most important java interview questions for freshers. Most of the developer also search it as: java interview questions for freshers, java interview questions and answers for freshers, core java interview questions, java basic interview questions, core java interview questions for experienced, basic java questions, core java interview questions … Read more

Java 9 features

After the Java 8 release, Java 9 features release some major changes and improve many things. The biggest change is modular JDK in Java 9. In this post, we will see all Java 9 features. Java 9 immutable collections improvement Java 9 provides factory methods to create an immutable collection in java. These Factory Methods … Read more

Jshell java 9

JShell is an interactive tool that was introduced in java 9. JShell also known as REPL that stands for READ EVAL PRINT LOOP. In this article, we will look into JShell basics and how to run some programs in Jshell. 1. By using JShell, we can test the Java code without compiling using JAVAC. The JShell … Read more

Java CompletableFuture API Improvements

The CompletableFuture in java was introduced in java 8. It is the enhanced version of Future interface.  Java 9 provides some more functions to improve it and solve problems raised in Java SE 8. Java 9 provides method to delays and timeouts, some utility methods and better sub-classing. It Java completablefuture added 8 new methods, … Read more

try with resource improvement

Java try with resource was a great feature and first introduced in Java 7. This helps to manage the resource and close them automatically when they are no longer in use. Java 9, making some enhancement in try with resource, So that it will be more readable. In this post, we will see how it works … Read more

Java 9 module

Java 9 modules is a major change in the structure of java, and it is the biggest feature of Java 9. You must think why we are saying changes in the structure of java, because in this feature java collects packages and code into a single unit that is known as java modules. In this … Read more

Optional Class Improvements

Java optional class was introduced in java 8 to avoid the NullPointerException exception. As we know, every developer faces the NullPointerException in daily coding. Before java 8, developers place the null checks on every place, but since Java 8, providing the optional class to remove it. Java 9 introduced some new methods to Optional Class … Read more