firstEntry() method

firstEntry(): It returns the key-value pair having the least key (Key having lowest value). It returns the pair that associated with least key. It returns null if TreeMap is empty.

import java.util.TreeMap;
class ExampleOfTreeMap
	public static void main(String arg[])
		TreeMap<Integer, String> listOfNames = new TreeMap<Integer, String>();
		listOfNames.put(3, "C");
		listOfNames.put(1, "A");
		listOfNames.put(2, "D");
		listOfNames.put(6, "B");
		listOfNames.put(8, "B");
		// It return the Pair of Key and value of least Key of TreeMap
		System.out.println("Pair of least Key :"+listOfNames.firstEntry());

Output: Pair of least Key :1=A

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